Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Think I Need Employment

Here’s the really epic latest update on my life: I think I may have reached the point where I’m having too much free time.  Granted, yesterday there was a hurricane so I couldn’t leave the apartment.  But between today and yesterday I have watched:

8 Episodes of Doctor Who  (the second half of the season started yesterday, so clearly I needed to rewatch the entire first half of the current season first)

5 Episodes of Community

(Troy is the best.  Watch the episode with the Reading Rainbow.)

2 Episodes of Modern Family

1 Episode of Suits (but I watched five other episodes on Thurs)

1 Episode of Covert Affairs

The new Jane Eyre

And Inception.

TV is wonderful, but I am now a pile of mush.  I think I shall run 20 miles first thing tomorrow.

*song = Fall Into Place by Apartment


  1. This officially vouches for you as video media expert.

  2. Bahahahaha. I have never been more proud.



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