Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hawaiian Tasty Deliciousness

Since I know everyone loves food, and I don’t tweet everything I eat but I know you wish I did, I am bringing you this special edition blog post composed only of pictures of things that I ate in Hawaii.  You may commence the celebrating now.

Delicious Food Item I Devoured #1: Hot Malasadas from Leonard’s Bakery

Not only is this bakery famous for it's delicious malasadas, a portugese donut, it was also one of the places my mom worked in high school.  Yep, she was really cool.  So it was only natural that we made a return visit.  I was an especially huge fan of their warm malasada filled with banana crème.  I’m fairly certain it came directly from heaven.




Delicious Food Item Devoured #2: Matsumotos Shaved Ice

This spot on the North side of the island in Haleiwa is also really famous, this time for it’s classic shaved ice – including shaved ice on top of ice cream or beans.  I always opt for the ice cream bottom.  It’s been there forever; some of my aunts and uncles remember stopping by there on trips to the other side of the island in the 50’s.



Delicious Food Item Devoured #3: Miso Ramen from Hawaiiana Cafe

I happen to love Japanese food, and there is a ton of Japanese influence in Hawaii, so I knew it would be necessary to stop at one of the little Japanese food shops at some point.  I noticed this one in a little garden on a stroll only a couple of blocks from where we were staying.



Delicious Food Item Devoured #4: Fresh Mango from a Cute Fruit Shop

We walked past this tiny hole-in-the-wall fruit shop on the way home one afternoon and it called to my dad and I.  Inside it smelled like a tropical fruit paradise, and we purchased mango.


Delicious Food Item Devoured #5: Kailua Pork from some Lovely Place in Kailua

I figured it had to be ordered.


More Hawaii updates soon!

Song = Country Road performed by Jack Johnson with Paula Fuega.  It’s really pretty.  Listen.

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