Sunday, May 15, 2011

Postcards from Paradise


In case you had any doubt, my graduation/parent's 30th anniversary/dad's birthday/mother's day trip to Hawaii was perfect in every way. I may not have wanted to come back, especially becuase I don't have any committments until next Monday...

One of the reasons Hawaii is so beautiful for me is because it is not only a perfect island paradise, it is also the place where my mom grew up (Honolulu) and still has two brothers and a sister living. So not only did I get to relax on the beach while I was there, I also got to see some family for the first time in like eight years. I actually haven't even gone through all of my pictures yet (I may have taken an especially gianormous amount of photos), so here are some pictures of happiness from my mom's camera!

I'm ready to go back there now.

This is my Uncle LeRoy's backyard in Lanikai. Like you literally walk out of his back door and this is where you are. See why I didn't want to come back?

My Aunt ReNel lives in Hawaii for most of the year when she's teaching at Hawaii Pacific University, where she's an awesome professor of nursing. Still in my Uncle's backyard.

And this is inside my Uncle's house, with the new additions being my cousin Michael and Uncle LeRoy and Aunt Margie. They are all very cool and I like them all a lot.

The fam at the famous Matsumoto's for delicious shaved ice.

On Saturday we met Aunt ReNel at her apartment in Kailua...

to go to the Lanikai craft fair, where we visited my Aunt Margie, who was working at one of the food stands.

And my mom got what is quite possibly her most favorite picture of the whole trip.

We also took a fieldtrip the next day to my Uncle's office in Honolulu where he does awesome film things for Production Partners.

And to finish we had a delicious mother's day brunch on the beach on Waikiki.

It was all rather lovely.

More pictures soon!

*song = Jack Johnson's Pictures of People Taking Pictures. Rather appropriate, I think.

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