Thursday, October 14, 2010

Viva Journalism


I went from having never been to Las Vegas to going there twice in one year. This time was a lot different though, because I went for the National Convention of the Society of Professional Journalists instead of just to hang out. We drove down in a van and it was pretty sweet. I love any excuse to get out of town.

I heard from:

  • Paul Overberg, database director for USA Today
  • David Haddix, training director for IRE
  • Victor Hernandez, director of domestic newsgathering CNN
  • Mike Toppo, senior director of news operations & production
  • Rich Barbieri, deputy managing director of CNN Money
  • Roy Harris, author and former Wall Street Journal reporter
  • Alexandra Berzon, reporter for the The Wall Street Journal
  • Mark Maremont, senior editor for the Wall Street Journal
  • Rob Curley, Las Vegas Sun media guy
  • And many other really cool people


  • A lot of things. About Journalism.

The group at the Review-Journal (stolen from Cerissa):


We went there and met with the managing editor, which was really interesting. And they gave us free pizza, which is always a plus.

And some more fun in pictures:


I wish I was in the real Paris… but this will have to do.


The convention was in Planet Hollywood. We spent a LOT of time waiting in this spot for the van haha.


Note the new skirt I’m in love with that I bought at Anthropologie (!) very much on sale in Caesar's Palace.

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  1. Natalie! Who ARE these people...seriously, nobody I know! Side from Joel, of course.



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