Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Spooky Tale

Last week while we were in our family finance class Sabrina had the brilliant idea to write a story using the classic write a few sentences, fold it over and pass it to the next person method. I think it turned out fabulous (or terrifying?), so I’m posting it on here to help you get into the Halloween spirit! I included the breaks where we folded the paper for your added enjoyment.


There once was a young man named Fernando. He was naturally curious and loved to explore. One brisk, fall evening he decided to explore the old //

mansion that had been abandoned 40 years before. All of the townsfolk told stories about hauntings that occurred there, but he thought of himself as quite a smart guy and didn’t buy into that. He opened the creaky door when he //

smelled the raw fish. His curiosity was piqued. He stormed into the house and blundered about until he found the kitchen. There he found a sushi-making //

zombie, which offered him some food. However, he thought this may be a trick to get to his brains. Or an actor. He couldn’t //

bear the thought of being the next Tom Cruise, so he dove into the dumbwaiter and sank down into the basement. It was completely dark and he heard//

a dripping sound in the southwest corner. It kind of freaked him out. But because he was curious, he tiptoed over to it and found a dark green //

pile of snot and parrot feathers. “How odd!” thought Fernando. He poked the pile with his foot and to his surprise the goop grabbed him and started climbing//

onto his shirt, kind of like Flubber but in an evil way. He tried to get it off, but it ate him. Or did it?

--> Also, this is completely unrelated to the story, but it made me really happy on my way home from work today.



  1. That's definitely a Sabrina/Natalie original. Glad you guys are learning lots in family finance!



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