Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Spice

This is kind of a cheater post. I keep almost writing something-- I have about 100 ideas just waiting to be written and have pictures edited. Like Louise visiting, Gettysburg, New York, Newseum... I have an entire sticky note of them. But I never seem to get quite enough time to do them. So to tide you over I'm posting this video for those of you who don't go to BYU or haven't logged on to facebook in the past couple of days. This thing has majorly gone viral. It was posted three days ago on youtube, and already has almost a million views. So enjoy! It's a fantastic spoof of the Old Spice commercial from the super bowl for the BYU library. Fun fact: the original commercial was actually done by a Portland ad agency with a Portland actor. Go Portland and BYU!

Also, for those of you who may have wondered, I did feel the earthquake the other day. It was at 5 a.m., which was actually only a couple of hours after I had gone to sleep because about half of the Barlow Center went to the midnight showing of Inception even though we had class at 8 a.m. Reckless, yes, but totally and completely worth it. Go see it now. Needless to say I was really confused when I woke up to the earth shaking. After trying to figure out what was different from normal I realized there was an earthquake, and then promptly fell back asleep. No one else who went to the movie even knew it happened until people started texting us the next morning.


  1. The spoof even made a CNN mention. Good stuff!

  2. Haha...Stephen Jones. What a character.



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