Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Capitol Fourth

IMG_8128 Let me just say that the Fourth of July in DC is incredible.

I took so many pictures it took a capitol fifth and sixth to get them edited so I could post them. So please look at this album to see what our entire fourth of July was like in DC! I promise there is some good stuff in there. At least I think it’s good stuff, but I could be biased so I’ll leave the final verdict up to all of you.

Now for the narrative.

We started the day out with the parade (well, after church of course. Where David Archuleta happened to be sitting a couple of rows behind us), then had a makeshift barbecue (with a George Forman grill) in the Barlow where we live before heading to the capitol to stake out a spot for the A Capitol Fourth show (on PBS) and fireworks. We actually went to the dress rehearsal for A Capitol Fourth the night before, so we already knew what was going to happen but it was definitely worth going back for the real thing. It was the 30th anniversary of the show, and performers included Gladys Knight, David Archuleta, Reba, John Schneider, the Marine Band, Lang Lang, the National Symphony Orchestra (they played songs like the 1812 Overture with the fireworks)… Fantastic. We got there at 4 (the program didn’t start until 8) and it was ridiculously hot but I would do it again. We got the perfect spot sitting on the steps of the Capitol building near the top. I could see the stage and even better the Washington Monument, where they set off the fireworks. Luckily we had enough people that we could take shifts of who could take refuge in the shade so we didn’t all die before it started.

Here are some choice pictures from the parade and waiting:



Parade. (My mom requested I post more pictures I’m actually in)

IMG_7993 IMG_8005

Tasty Barlow BBQ complete with flag cake

IMG_8030 IMG_8046


90% of the gang. They weren’t all paying attention… Not my fault.

IMG_8136 IMG_8006IMG_8235

The view.


I had to try to take a picture of this balloon. It was required.

IMG_8085 IMG_8126 IMG_8103 IMG_8143IMG_8059 IMG_8142 IMG_8095 IMG_8086



And the whole thing just looked perfect in the sunset. Look at this lighting! I didn’t even edit it. SO beautiful. I might be a little obsessed with the way the world looked at this moment. You could take a picture of anything and it would look good. See?


IMG_8212 IMG_8241


I could seriously put a million fireworks pictures on here. Way too much fun. I’ll limit myself to posting like… twenty. What is really fun is flipping through them really fast on my computer, because then it looks like the show is going on again. It was seriously so beautiful. Hopefully I captured at least a little bit of it for you to see. I didn’t even play with the colors or lighting or anything in Photoshop. I apologize for any shakiness. My tripod is conveniently in storage in Utah. Wasn’t quite able to get to it for this weekend…



IMG_8326 IMG_8441 IMG_8443


  1. Natalie! You always take such beautiful pictures! I am always extremely impressed. I'm thinking this should be your career. Or at least part of it.

  2. deng, that looks like awesome fun! and it's so beautiful!

  3. I love stalker pictures!!! And the fireworks--dang girl! I wish I had me some mad skills like that. Looks like it was super fun. :)

  4. AHAHA Annie read my mind. Stalker pictures!!!! I'm jealous! It looks like a blast. :)

  5. One of your awesome fireworks photos is now my windows background. Where do I send the royalty payment?



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