Sunday, May 2, 2010

Embassy Hopping


As college students, we are always looking for free food. This weekend we discovered an excellent source for this: the embassies. Apparently every so often they have open houses where anyone can come in, walk around and eat samples of food from their countries and such. It’s pretty sweet.

We only went into a few of them (it was hot and the lines were long), but here are my awards for the ones we went to:

Most party-like: tie between Columbia (salsa dancing out front with live band) and Trinidad and Tobago (you could hear the music from down the street and they had awesome dancers in bright dress)

Coolest building: definitely Columbia. It was so warm and inviting I wanted to stay forever. Indonesia was pretty fancy too.

Most free stuff: Australia. We got tote bags, Australia (children’s) tattoos, pens, kangaroo stickers, tickets to the wine tasting… That last one may have been an accident. Don’t worry, we didn’t use them.

Here are some pictorials: (I didn’t take many… my bad. Other people have more, so just wait for some facebook action)



Columbia. Note Australia tattoo.


Entryway of Indonesia.

Cool stuff. I want them to do it again soon.

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