Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Since I never ever win anything I figured I had to write about this. While I was at the Embassy open house shindig they had a drawing for a year membership to the Rosetta Stone online package (usually$1,200) and I actually won! So now I’m going to learn French. It seemed like a good idea because I felt like a total idiot when I could only communicate by pointing to things while in Paris.

So basically I’m excited. I’ve done some of the Spanish Rosetta Stone (got it for a great price on craigslist last summer) and it’s thoroughly addicting.

Here’s a picture of me with the actual Rosetta Stone:


(It’s bizarre that will have been two years ago this fall…)


  1. Ah! That's awesome! In the words of James Dashner (he's an author), that is "terrificaliwondershonks!"

    And yes, two years ago...can you believe it? I feel like it's kind of killing me slowly.

  2. Good 4 U! Rosetta Stone is awesome! It is the one method of language learning that I can actually say I enjoy. I like the way it handles French and lets me practice pronunciation through the microphone. I have been using it at home and on breaks at work (I got it through http://www.cbcwebcollege so I can access it anywhere on the web. Not a bad deal for $48). French is one of the languages where they have up to 5 levels. I'm hoping to be at level 4 by June.
    Congrats on your good luck. Maybe you should get some lottery tickets while your luck is running! ;-)

  3. You're my favorite. The End.



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