Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Real P-Town (provo doesn't count)

During Thanksgiving I had the opportunity to go home to Portland and it was glorious. I kind of really, really wish that I was still there. Mostly because that would mean I wouldn't have any more homework looming over me.

As I've said before, this week has been really crazy. It's actually been a great week and I've been able to do a lot of things I've loved, but there's always been the pressure of everything else I should be doing.

Things I haven't had time to do yet:
  • Unpack my suitcase. I'm seriously considering bringing it home exactly the way it exists now.
  • Buy milk. Or any other groceries for that matter.
  • Write the last ten pages of that dreaded 25-page law paper.
  • Read the stack of newspapers that I bring home every day.
  • Watch the series finale of Monk. I need to know what happened to Trudy!
  • Eat my last cookie. I think I can take care of that one right now, though.
The list goes on from there (with some more serious things) but I'm guessing it wouldn't be all that entertaining for you if I posted everything. It might even stress you out, which would definitely not be fun for you. And I really would like for you to continue reading my blog.

On a happier note, here are some pictures that I took while I was in Portland (plus two from my mom). They're all places I love and would much rather be than in my room doing homework. Mainly, Saturday Market (which we decided was an unofficial dog show. I only took pictures of a few breeds), Old Town Pizza (I could write an entire post about this place and probably will at some point) and anything else I happened on between there and our car.

Ok, a quick note. This picture is kind of a tradition. We have one with the statue from downtown every year. We'd always go to see Santa at Meier & Frank downtown (he's the real one, I swear) where they had an entire floor designated as Santa Land with a tram running on the ceiling and everything. After that we'd go take a picture with the Umbrella Man, who is actually Mr. Meier, which is a little known fact (Meier & Frank was a Portland company). If I'm ambitious when I'm at home for the break maybe I'll try and post all of them on here in order. They're pretty funny. Ok now we can move on.

Ok, another quick note. This is actually soap. Now you can proceed.


  1. I want to go to Portland! And I want to know what happened to Trudy too!!

  2. I could easily tell you what happened to Trudy and save you and hour... haha



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