Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Call of a Cookie

Today, amid the insanity that is the last two weeks before finals, Annie and I took the time to drive 45 minutes all the way to Salt Lake City and then back for some cookies. Now, these aren't your ordinary cookies. They're Ben's Cookies. And they were totally and completely worth the drive, in case you were wondering.

Ben's Cookies were a special treat and weakness during our study abroad in London. There was a stand for them at our favorite destination, Covent Garden, that always had a way long line. We'd try to tell ourselves that we didn't need another one, but it never worked. On a cold winter day in London the warm, thick cookies were perfection. So, with all the crazy things going on right now, and even though I have no time to spare, getting these cookies was the perfect escape from it all. It's been almost a year since we returned home, and any little taste of London we can get is more than welcome.

We did also have a legitimate reason to go tonight, but I'm not going to put it here in case the person it concerns reads this. Although, I'm fairly certain they have no idea this blog exists. However, I think that even though these little breaks aren't always reasonable given the limited amount of time we have right now to finish important school work sometimes they're necessary to relieve a little stress and maintain our sanity. And I still have some cookies left to eat tomorrow!

On the way back we also stopped by In-N-Out, Provo's new Mecca, because neither of us had eaten dinner and we were starving. This was not London-like at all, but still fun. And it was a good way to put off the studying a little bit longer. Kind of like writing this blog entry now...

Also this is one of my all-time favorite relaxation songs that I'm listening to now: Don't Miss You At All, by Norah Jones

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