Monday, November 2, 2009

Maybe Luck?

So right now I can't decide if I'm either really lucky or if the world is out to get me. I was feeling kind of stressed and hungry, so in order to solve my problem I decided to order takeout from the delicious pizza place I walk past every day on my way home. This turned out to be an even bigger problem than my stress. Long story short, I placed the order at five during my class break so it would be ready when I finished, but I didn't actually have the food I wanted to eat until just before eight. So, what was supposed to save me fifteen minutes ended up costing me a ridiculous amount of time and three trips to Brick Oven. However, I got two dollars off the meal, an extra cookie, root beer, bag of bread sticks and the pasta they messed up on. I'm so full I can't move. But I haven't had time to start working on all the things I need to do, including writing the intro for a 25 page law paper and an interview for my photography project. And grocery shopping so I can avoid this problem. So lucky or unlucky? I really can't decide.

Also, my new favorite part of the night came while I was downloading a audio converter:

5. You may not use this software in any circumstances where there is any risk that failure of this software might result in a physical injury or loss of life. Any such use by you is entirely at your own risk, and you agree to indemnify NCH Software from any claims relating to such unauthorized use.

What? It's an audio converter! Maybe this could happen if you use the program for some sort of spy work? Or if you convert files for the mob? I don't understand.

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