Monday, November 9, 2009

And So It Begins

So, at this very moment one of my roommates and one of my reporters has the H1N1 (I'm a journalist so I have to use the real name). But don't you worry, just because people at home and at work and quite possibly at school have it doesn't mean that I will get it! I am determined to avoid getting it purely through will power. Also, I happen to have a couple of those little things of hand sanitizer that smell ridiculously good, so I compulsively put them on all day to make my hands smell nice. One of my other roommates is really freaked out though, because she has her big swim meet coming up in two weeks so getting sick would be a nightmare. She's currently hiding in our room. I, on the other hand, am blatantly sitting in the living room out in the open just to show those germs my defiance.

But, on a happier note, I made some tasty food this week! This might not seem like much, but I pretty much never cook, both because of a lack of skill and a lack of time. But I made this heavenly Chicken-Broccoli Divan Saturday and then today I made sloppy joes. It's a beautiful thing. Food that you actually make tastes so much better than the stuff that comes out of vending machines at school. I liked the broccoli-thingy so much that I've decided to add it to my repertoire. It now consists of: broccoli thingy, zucchini-thingy (this is actually what I called it growing up, and I have no idea what its real name is), chicken noodle soup-thingy, and then anything that comes in a boxed package.

The broccoli-thingy I am ridiculously proud of. I'm pretty sure that the broccoli in it can single handedly take on any H1N1 germs that come my way.

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  1. hahaha, funniest blog ever (ok, except for maybe the one on you being accident prone or the other one on...)and just to let you know, your "blog patrol" is sooo wrong...
    and your "broccoli-thingy" looks very yummy! Good job Natalie! You should write a cookbook called "Thingy recipes". Love Mom xoxo PS Stay away from those H1N1 germs!



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