Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Shower Incident

Do you ever have sequences of five or ten minutes of your life where you feel like you're in a comedic movie and someone just forgot to tell you? Because I always seem to be waiting for a laugh track to kick in for my life.

Take tonight for example. Now, to preface the string of funny occurrences you should know what I had been doing right before this happened. Since we don't exactly drink or do other typical college activities like that at BYU we often have to come up with other more creative things to do to entertain ourselves. The activity tonight consisted of vast amounts of soapy foam dyed blue, slip n' slides and flag football. We call this "True Blue Football" and it is great. This activity is a great candidate for a comedy just in and of itself.

I came home dyed blue and decided that I really needed a shower in order to return me and my belongings to their natural color. Start movie scene. I step into the shower fully clothed and begin rinsing. I'm just minding my own business, rinsing my socks, when I notice that the deep blue water is actually up past my ankles. I start playing with the drain area with my toe and all the sudden the drain thingy shoots out attached to a long strand of nasty nasty hair. This is something I was not a fan of, and so I awkwardly tried to remove it with toilet paper, which instantly turned blue and dissolved. It was only moments later, when I decided that I am done with the rinsing that the shower rod decided to fall on me. I'm realizing that this might not seem as funny when I write it, but try to picture it visually because this is a movie I'm starring in. So picture me, fully clothed and completely drenched, standing in a bathtub full of blue water, with a nasty chunk of hair attached to the drain and a shower rod falling on top of me. Now you can catch the vision. Sadly, when this happened none of my roommates were home to laugh with me, so now it's here on my blog instead.

On the topic of life being like a movie, wouldn't it be great if there was a soundtrack for our life that went along with everything we do and matched our moods? I think about this frequently and I'm pretty sure it would be the best thing ever. Everything we did would be so much more epic.

The bathroom scene shortly after tonight's excitement. Sadly, nothing stayed blue. Except my armpits that is. What's up with that?

Update: I'm starting to think that the bathroom may just be cursed. I just went back to put up the shower rod and ended up knocking off the towel rack and walking out with wet toilet paper stuck to my foot.

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  1. Personally I think this all happened to you because you said you had nothing to write about because your life is boring in your last blog. The world was saying, "So there!" But this is an awesome story haha



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