Saturday, September 14, 2013

Celebrating 22 Years of Fun

This past Thursday was my wonderful sister Amber’s birthday! So today when she came down to visit (because she’s nice and comes to me since I don’t have a car) we had a fantastic excuse to eat a special lunch at nearby Gourmandise.


Because it was a special occasion we treated ourselves to tasty white chocolate & fresh strawberry frappes…



and delicious sandwiches. I highly recommend it!


It was kinda funny though because since it is so close we decided to walk and while on the way there it was a beautiful perfect fall morning…


On the way back it was a little different!

A good rainstorm can always be refreshing though. Overall, a beautiful day! And it isn’t even over yet.

Thanks for being born, Amber!

*song of the day = Ghosts by The National Parks, Amber’s friend’s band!

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