Sunday, August 25, 2013

Everyone is in Salt Lake

Ok, maybe that isn’t entirely true (or true at all), but we did have a mini Sapporo Mission reunion last week! Oh, and I now live in Salt Lake City, by the way. I’m having a great time working for KSL news writing for their website (thanks Cait!). But more on that later.

I had perfect timing for my move, because last week my last companion Kise Shimai (now known by her first name, Airi) came out to Utah from Japan for Cooper Shimai’s wedding reception. It provided the perfect excuse for everyone to get together. We had lots of fun catching up while wandering Temple Square.


Most of our conversation may have been about deciding what to call each other – it is so weird to know each other so well, and yet not really know each other’s first names! During the mission we always just use Elder and Sister “last name,” so calling someone by their first name seemed super unnatural after a couple of years of that. The funniest was when Elder Hansen and Sister Cooper (see? Still can’t use first names) were going in for a light goodbye hug – while it was happening Elder Hatch called out “Hey Parker, let’s go” and Cooper Shimai was all “Who’s Parker?” and Elder Hansen said “that’s me” as they closed the hug. You probably had to be there, but I just about died laughing.


















It was so great to see everyone again!

By the way, I find the fact that I haven’t blogged at all this month to be entirely shameful when I still have so much that I need to cover. I definitely started drafting a post on the back of a receipt… but then I lost it amid the moving mess that has settled on my desk. I think there’s some room for improvement.

*song = Savior, Redeemer of My Soul from my last mission concert. It’s a mission post, so a mission song is required, right? Plus, Budge Shimai’s voice is like warm butter that melts the soul. (Just don’t watch me. Much thanks)

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