Sunday, January 27, 2013

The end of January (I`m out of title ideas today)

Hello family and friends!

I have a little less than ten minutes, so I will type up some super basic highlights from each day of the week!

Monday: P-day. We went window shopping, and then had dinner with a member. At night we had a lesson with an awesome 23 year-old who is working towards a spring baptism.

Tuesday: We had our weekly district training meeting with other missionaries, and a couple of lessons, one of the phone and one about prophets in our day.

Wednesday: We had a deep cleaning day. They do it once a year -- we literally cleaned the apartment from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. It looks better... but I think we could use a deep cleaning week!

Thursday: We had a lesson with a member and her daughter, where we acted out the story of Samuel the Lamanite with cut out figures. We also taught a nearby investigator about the word of wisdom.

Friday: We did some housing, visited a member, and had English class in the night.

Saturday: Visited some members who are currently not attending church with another member, and had a lesson.

Sunday: Church, of course. And some housing and streeting, with a visit to a non-attending member.

Monday: After this, going to a sports activity with the Elders and a couple of members.

Time up!

Love you all!

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