Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lots of pictures!

I probably won’t always be able to send this many photos, but it was Christmas so it’s special.

I think I told you about a heavenly crepe and smoothie haven in Ebetsu before.  We went so often that we became good friends with the owners!  They moved in December so we took a picture with them before they left.

On Christmas Eve all of the missionaries in Sapporo met together for games and celebration before going out caroling.  One of the games we played was with balls.

We also did a gift exchange – when I opened my first gift (in a highly suspicious MacDonalds bag, but it piqued my curiosity)… I was surprised to find a head!  One of the Elders had bought it at a second hand store.  Just when I was wondering what I would do with it, it got stolen by an Elder who wants to become a hair stylist.  It was perfect, haha.  I ended up with a cute keychain backpack filled with candy.

Christmas picture with President Evans and Northrup Shimai.

For Christmas from the Elders all the Sisters got scarves.  (Elders got ties).  We had fun.

On the subway to go caroling.  All the missionaries kind of took over…

The German Christmas town in the city with lights.

On Christmas day we had District meeting.  It was the last day with everybody, so our transfer picture turned Christmassy.

White Christmas!

We got a huge box of presents (mostly food) from the ward.

Christmas just happened to be an English class day, so we ate Christmas cake and spoke English and took a group pic for the end of the year.

On New Year’s we had dinner at a fabulous family’s house, the Fujita’s.  One of our investigators came too!

At the Messiah concert I was able to meet one of my favorite Atsubetsu English class families!  Love them.

At the “transfer spot” in Sapporo Eki.

The famous Asahikawa penguins!  They are so close.  One posed for Nishime Choro.

The Asahikawa Elders and Sisters plus Memu Chan, a member, at the zoo.

We always talked about Ruby (our dog) being like a polar bear…  So I had to send this for Dad!  The polar bears were super active here and playing around with balls and running and then sliding down an icy hill.

You can get super close to the animals here.  It’s cool.  All of the missionaries have a year pass, (it’s like $2 more than the regular one…) so we’ll probably be back there soon!

That's it for now.  Love you all!

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