Monday, December 10, 2012

Zone Conference​!

Hello everyone!

This one is probably going to be a short one too... my December emails are shaping up to be super short. But that's probably ok, because everyone is so busy preparing for Christmas and finals that I feel like no one will notice! At least that is my plan.

The highlight of this week -- a special zone conference with Elder Ringwood, who is an area 70. Both the Asahikawa and Hakodate Zones met together at the Atsubetsu church, so it was a lot of fun because tons of missionaries were there. He was a really inspirational speaker, and since I am a compulsive note taker from my journalism days I took like a million pages of notes. It is always such a great opportunity to meet together and remember why we are doing this, and the help that we have.

Yesterday we also were able to watch the Presidency Christmas devotional with one of our investigators. It was his first time to an activity at the church and went super well. He's a college student and way cool, so I'm excited to see how things go! The Christmas message was fabulous as usual, and the music was great so I totally recommend cruising over and watching it.

Ah and that is all I have time for! LOVE YOU!!!!! I hope everyone is enjoying the wonderful Christmas atmosphere. It is a great time of the year!

Scripture of the week:
Matthew 18:20 (New Testanent)
For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

Word of the Week:
jishin = earthquake. We had little one this week!

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