Monday, September 3, 2012

Transfer 5!

And for transfer five... I will still be in Ebetsu! With Imanishi Shimai!

I'm actually super excited, because I feel like we work really well together and have a good foundation from the last transfer so we will be able to do awesome things this one. It was actually pretty surprising though, because Imanishi Shimai has been in Ebetsu since February, so by the time the transfer ends she will be going on like 8 months.

Also, another fun thing of this transfer -- we got a new Gaijin! (Review: gaijin = non-Japanese person). That makes four gaijin sister missionaries now. She is from Utah (well, kind of. She spent most of her life in Tokyo), and her parents are actually the Tokyo mission presidents right now so she is only 19! (If someone wants to go on a mission when their parents are serving they can go two years early). But it is fun. She is Obihiro right now though, which is like 3 hours away so I probably won't be seeing her for a while.

Other fun mission stats: right now there are 82 missionaries in The Sapporo Mission, and 19 are sister missionaries. Apparently it is one of our bigger times for the mission, but if you compare us to other missions we are pretty small! For example, Tokyo has around 180 missionaries, and Kobe has around 140. So there you go. Fun fact of the day.

Now for pictures!!  They are all from the Winter Sports Museum. It was a lot of fun! Most of the missionaries who are in the Sapporo area all carpooled up together. They had the Olympics here in like 1972, and so they had all sorts of fun sports simulators inside and we also got to ride to the top of the ski lift (the ski jump is so ridiculously steep!) where we could see all of Sapporo. It was perfect! Enjoy the view :)

The district. Oh, I forgot to mention that Stilson Choro and Kakishita Choro are staying too, so the district is pretty much the same, haha. Shibata Choro went home, and Inumaki Choro became AP, so now Ebetsu is 4 missionaries instead of 6.

The big ski jump simulator. I got like 139, beating almost all of the Elders. Clearly this means I should become a professional ski jumper when I get home.

Our last district meeting -- since Shibata Choro and Inumaki Choro weren't there (they had training at the mission home) Yasuda Shimai, an awesome member from the ward, joined us!

Also, me and a dragonfly. They are all over here during the summer and I LOVE them. They are my best friends, I'm sure.

Ok, that's it!

Scripture of the week:
Alma 46:39 (Book of Mormon)
And it came to pass that there were many who died, firmly believing their souls were redeemed by the Lord Jesus Christ; thus they went out of the world rejoicing.

Fun Japanese word of the week:
Kieru = disappear

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