Thursday, April 5, 2012

Three weeks in Japan, Three months since leaving home!

We`ve been really busy this week, which has been kind of crazy at times but good! We don`t have any investigators who are progressing right now, but we`re definitely trying our best to find people. And the language is coming. I think I understand more now? Haha it`s kind of hard to tell sometimes. But we`re having fun!

It is still cold though! Not cool. The weather teased us one day -- it was super windy but kind of warm, so I was convinced it meant the weather was changing to become spring. But then it snowed! I think mom said it snowed in Oregon recently too, which is way more weird...

So much happens in a week now that when it`s finally time to write home it`s so impossible to think of what to say! Maybe I will start with some pictures... Yep.
Us eating lunch compliments of a member at this magical buffet that had everything from meat you can barbecue yourself to a cotton candy machine to sushi to pasta... seriously everything! We ate way to much. And then that night we had another member meal where we had like an all you can eat make your own sushi party!
This week we shared the gospel with a cat, and it was super entertaining. There was no one home in the apartment building to talk to, but this cat was super interested in our message! I think we`ll be seeing him again soon... because we`re hoping to go back and talk to some humans.
This picture is of us and the Koike family, who is a super awesome family who was in our ward but just moved. My arrival actually had kind of funny timing -- Brother Koike was the Bishop of the Atsubetsu ward for all of like the first week I was here when we had stake conference, and then my first Sunday actually at the ward we were serving in he was released. But the last night before they moved we went and met their family so Masuda Shimai could give them her meshi (meshi = business card. They are super big over here in Japan and all of the missionaries have them and then write personal messages on the back of them and give them out to people in the ward and other missionaries when they`re leaving. It`s fun!) and then they invited us to go to dinner with them where Brother Koike told the most hilarious stories about the companions he had on his mission. It was great. Moral of the story: the members here are really cool. And they are all so helpful to us all of the time. We are super spoiled in Atsubestu.
A pic from bowling last week! There were a lot of people there and it was a ton of fun. One of the Elders from Okinawa is super good. He got a ton a of strikes!

I think I am almost out of time and I want to read the emails I have, but things in Japan are going great! Next week I will try to keep a running list of what happens so I can try and write a more interesting email. At least this one has pictures! Let`s be honest, most of you probably just want to see the pictures anyways, right?

Love ya! Thanks for your support!

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