Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Conference and Easter

Sorry this is going to be so short! I had planned on writing a massive email about everything today, but sometimes life happens and so today we literally only have 15 minutes for email... and I probably already used most of it because I was selfish and decided to read my emails first. But know that I love all of you! I will send pictures next week, and try and write as much as I can as fast as I can.

This weekend was really special because of two things -- General Conference and Easter. General Conference, for those of you who may not be as familiar with it, is something that we have twice a year in the church where our current apostles and prophet speak to us and give us guidance. It`s so awesome that I actually have written about it multiple times before my mission, so you should meander over to those old posts in the archive section of the side bar... General Conference was especially awesome as a missionary since we know there is so much information that can really help our investigators, and us. I think every time I watch conference I gain a greater appreciation for how much love Heavenly Father has for us, and how he cares just as much about us today as he did for the people in the times of the Bible. This time conference was also especially fun because I got to watch it in English, haha. I love church, obviously, but sometimes it`s super hard not to fall asleep during sacrament meeting when it`s all Japanese because since I can`t understand most of it I end up just listening to the patterns, which try to lull me to sleep... So watching a church meeting in English was amazing!

Ah only three minutes left! But super quick, Sunday was also super entertaining because I got to share new American Easter traditions with Masuda Shimai. They don`t celebrate Easter at all in Japan, so it was totally entertaining to her I think. We had a lot of fun. And my mom sent both of us an Easter basket (yep I got the package! it was perfect! thanks so much!) and it was the first one she had ever had!

Ok love you. lots. seriously.

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