Thursday, March 4, 2010



So, I’ve hit another one of those weeks of pure insanity where all you want in life is to melt into a couch and eat sugary things. But, I just got back from an awesome Relief Society meeting for my stake where we got to have a Q&A session with Sister Beck, who is the current Relief Society General President for the Church. She answered any questions anyone had about life, and gave advice on how to handle various struggles. It was really just a beautiful couple of hours, and it really put things back into perspective. I think I needed that with all the stress from school right now. It can sometimes be a little too easy to lose track of the things that are important, and what our real goal in life is.

On a completely unrelated note I discovered a new place in Provo that I’m in love with. It’s a letterpress studio with some really awesome people called Rowley Press. You should check out the story I wrote about it for upp.

And on another happy note, we got a new microwave today. It’s a gift directly from heaven. Our last microwave I’ve been using for almost a year and a half was made circa 1984 and had dials and such. I feel like microwave popcorn didn't even exist when it was made. It’s so old I can’t even find a photo of it on the internet to share its hideousness with you. But now it’s ok, because we have a functional new one so I won’t have to feel like I’m going to die of microwave radiation every time I heat something up.

(Yet another side note, I took the picture above at Utah lake when I was trying to escape from the craziness that is Provo. I have some fun ones, but negative time to edit them. So maybe they’ll be posted sometime this year?)

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  1. I like sitting on the couch eating sugary things!! There is nothing wrong with that!



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