Friday, March 12, 2010

Elevator Encounters

Elevators are a great source of funny experiences. I have all sorts of great stories from them, including a seemingly near death experience at the fire department in Portland and all sorts of things that happened in the lifts for the tube in London. Today I got to add another mini-story to my collection.

It started out with what could have been a frustrating experience, with a whole mob waiting to use the elevators in the SWKT, and one of the four elevators reserved for construction. Instead this is what happened that I quite enjoyed:

After waiting three times for an elevator I could fit in, I happened to get into one with Max Hall (it was only for a split second before he relized it was going up instead of down, but it still counts). The elevator ended up with about ten people smushed together, but two professors just joked the whole time about how they had brought food with them in case the elevator got stuck and how we were all going to have to split a half a cup of water.

On the way back down I had the lucky priviledge of riding with Ukelele Boy, who had provided tropical entertainment while I waited for elevators on both ends of my trip, and then inside our elevator. It was much better than elevator music and totally made my day.

The whole experience was so lovely that I decided to treat myself to frozen yogurt in the cougareat (Royal Raspberry, 15 cents an ounce).

I'm sure you should all just go ride a bunch of elevators so you can have something fun happen to you too.

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  1. I hate elevators haha. But I am glad you liked them.



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