Monday, October 21, 2013

Golden Mountain Perfection

Fall leaves, golden sun, a tinsy bit of snow… Amber and I lucked out with all of the perfect ingredients to mess around with for a fun fall photo play-day.

(Just to clarify, snow is only permissible right now to make things look pretty. Otherwise, it is entirely unacceptable. And now that we’re done taking pictures, it should go away.)

Amber got an awesome camera on her birthday, so we’d been wanting to get out on a photo adventure together and I finally made it down to Provo with my camera the other weekend. It was the perfect fall day, so her roomie Erin was wise to tag along. Just see for yourself!


See right there? That is what we call golden fall perfection. It’s a scientific term.

IMG_0276  IMG_0266

It needed to be played in.


And that included bubbles. Look at what a graceful team they make.

IMG_0365  IMG_0373

It was the perfect opportunity for Amber to put her new camera to good use!

IMG_0377  IMG_0308

There was also lots of good roommate bonding…


but the spiders weren’t quite as friendly looking. (Maybe we should have given them more of a chance?)

IMG_0427  IMG_0401

But still, with the somehow simultaneously dusty-yet-muddy roads leading us to fresh air, it was quite lovely.

The whole bunch, for those with time to waste (or those who are avoiding doing more productive things):

And for Amber’s take on things, you can check her blog out.


And a Happy Halloween Season to you!

*Song of the day = Daylight by Matt & Kim

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  1. I love the pictures! The one of you sitting on the fence is super cute.



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